DIY Lip Gloss Tips

DIY Lip Gloss Tips

You'll have a blast customizing and remixing the variations in this recipe to find your perfect match. Go for it! Here are some great suggestions to get you started. 

Well... all that makeup that we regret buying. There's a way to salvage those mistakes... make something new you love. 

Sparkle is where I live. It just makes me happy! So I decided to dump some Victoria Secret lip gloss into a pottle.

Sheer lip gloss is the best base. You can go deeper... in color that is. This is my day look so why not make a little for my nightlife.

Whats this... physician's formula eye liner I never used. It's just dark enough to add some pizzazz to this nearly clear base.

Wow that blend went well but I'm not into blue lips, not even in the winter lol. There's always a little something that brightens my day. Yep you guessed it... GLITTER!.

Ok here we goooo!

Let's get mixing! Ahh reminds me of the American flag doesn't it?

Yasss! just what I was going for... deep berry with a sparkle. 

Time to switch the pottle applicator to a doe foot.

Well happy I didn't throw away that eye liner. I know it always seems like you need more, but sometimes you've go everything you need.

Watch the entire video on our YouTube channel.

Hope you're mixing something special this year.


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