Clean Beauty

While having a conversation with a favorite client of mine, she says, "Well Nettie it's an empty container, it doesn't have to be... for just nails." Wow I thought, she's right, so I developed an applicator to expand Pottle's use. Through much research we realized many women use one use containers, funnels, syringes, and makeup wands to customize beauty. We believe Pottle will reduce plastic waste by eliminating the need for those products. WATCH: Revamp Lip Gloss 


* The global cosmetics industry products 120 billion units of packaging every year, and a good portion of it is NOT recyclable.

* Last year alone, 142 billion units of packaging were created by the beauty industry.

* Many cosmetics come in packaging that's defined as difficult to recycle, where the product is compromised due to being made of mixed materials, which ultimately leads to its death in a landfill.

* According to the LCA Centre, some 70% of carbon emissions attributable to the beauty industry could be eliminated if people simply used refillable containers.

* The lifespan of a plastic bottle that your makeup product might be packaged in is between 450 and 1,000 years in a landfill.

* When you throw away plastic cosmetics packaging that makes its way to landfills, it emits harmful greenhouse gases throughout our atmosphere and contributes to climate change.

* Over five TRILLION tons of plastic currently lives in our ocean.

* Only 31% of plastic waste is successfully recycled.

Empower this mission, send discarded beauty products for recycling.

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