What If Making Custom Cosmetics was QUICK and EASY?

Tailor your beauty products in applicator ready refillable containers.
Get creative with makeup while saving money and consolidating waste. Define your own beauty.

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Hey, I`m Nettie, founder of Pottle

After 25 years as a manicurist, I've made a breakthrough discovery that makes it EASY to customize your cosmetics. Not too long ago mixing and storing custom gels were my hell. 

As a celebrity manicurist, I needed to mix custom colors swiftly and mess-free. When you're on set with expensive items you can't be callous. My dream container would allow me to alter product easily without funnels and palettes. So...

After years of struggling I decided to make a commitment. I committed to discovering a “cheat method” that would make it EASY to mix/store nail colors quickly. That commitment led me down a rabbit hole of research.

Then out of pure desperation, while forcing thick gel into an old nail bottle, I envisioned the concept of...

The Pottle

Why Access to the Inside of Your Nail Bottle Is Essential

1. The wave of trending nail colors and art never stop. In fact, over 20 trends and 24 colors emerge yearly.

2. You NEED to stay on trend in your nail business.

3. Buying new colors are expensive and create clutter.

Nail blogs I read mentioned recycling old nail bottles which helped for a short period. 

Using smaller bottles, palettes, funnels and syringes helped a bit (even though the mixing and storing process took forever).

This led me into a flurry of research over the following months. I HAD to discover the secrets to creating new products from old ones. I was determined, and nothing was going to stop me.

That`s when I began to figure it all out...


Pottle helped me eliminate 4+ products 

By eliminating the need for funnels, palettes, and external applicators and more, Pottle ensures a no fuss mess-free mix. 
Plastic Pots

Our Pottle

We (mom and I) tested Pottle everyday for over 500 days (filling, mixing and painting ) until...

We discovered the perfect shape and size first. As a manicurist I wanted a long top. Forcing bottles open with short tops took its toll on my hands. The cap had to be embossed to provide ease of grip and seal. We also needed the base to be round to comfort the hand.

The Pottle's ergonomic design gives you Comfort, Convenience, and EXACTLY what your beauty tool collection needs...

Sustainablity and Style

Make An Impact

According to the LCA Centre, a Netherlands-based group that studies the environmental impact of packaging, some 70% of carbon emissions attributable to the beauty industry could be eliminated if people simply used refillable containers.

Why Interchangeable applicators make Pottle a Powerful Tool for Change

1. When brands don't have your shade you can always create it yourself.

2. Small plastic pots can't be recycled but Pottle's glass base is simple to clean, refill, and reuse.

3. The over production of Mini makeup products are causing even more harm to the environment. Grab a pottle for your travel bag instead. 

Take what you love from your favorite beauty products to customize and create the perfect beauty formula. 

Its the Tupperware of beauty! 

Get right to the good stuff.

We reduced our carbon footprint. By thinking outside the box.

Packed with all the effective features you want most in a reusable beauty bottle.

nail pottle

Pottle Duo
Salon Superhero

Create refillable "builder in a bottles" in the new year instead of collecting gel bottles. 
Less clutter, more freedom. 

Wait for what?

Nail Kits

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Essential manicure tools
to achieve flawless gel nails.
An ideal holiday gift for nail lovers.

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