Product Info

 Package includes tall chrome applicator cap, rose gold Midicap for joining members, weighted glass for light sensitive liquids… base holds 20 ml. Two copper mixing marbles. Use 4 inch crystal wand for blending, swatching or applying tailored skincare.


How do you clean the pottle? If gel residue remains, remove mixing marbles...fill Pottle with alcohol and shake. If its nail polish use a mix of acetone and alcohol. Do not leave pure acetone in pottle over 3 hours.

My pottle is leaking, what can I do? Each Pottle comes with a gasket fitted into the midicap. If the seal isn't tight enough, replace it and tighten the midicap to keep formula fresh.

The brush is too short, what can I do? Pottle tops are made to release or insert brush/wands easily. Try removing the brush, then place the brush in the midicap and base. Add tall top to pottle then reopen. If the wand/brush sticks in top, that should solve the problem

How do I get replacement brushes for my pottle?  Pottles come with a extra brush, if you run out please contact the Pottle at