Plasma Builder Gel Refill

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 This One Step gel is Medium /High viscosity. Self-leveling, flexible... it’s perfect for structure and encapsulation! Our hard gel works with both UV and LED curing lamps. Only $39.99 for 50ml... compare that to a 15ml bottle for $20. Pottle is proud to be the first to sell gel in a pouch. Less waste, happy planet. Large nail file included.


  • Properly prep nails for maximum gel adhesion.
  • Fill your Pottle with Gel, apply two coats to add strength to nails.
  • Simply buff after base is cured, then polish nails with gel or nail polish

One pouch = 2.5 Pottle fill ups. Cure for 1-2 minutes under UV lamp or cure for 30 seconds under a LED lamp. Keep closed when not in use. Do not store in sunlight.