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How To Get Creative with Nail Polish Making Supplies

Get ready to unleash your creative side and make some amazing nail polish with these essential ingredients, tools, and additives. Whether you're a professional nail tech or just love DIY beauty projects, we've got everything you need to create your own custom shades. So let's dive in and start mixing!

Essential Tools and Equipment

Looking to get creative with your nail polish creations? You'll need the right tools and equipment! Reusbale empty nail polish bottles are a must-have for storing your custom colors, while they help prevent spills during the mixing process. Mixing balls ensure that your pigment stays evenly distributed and stirring sticks are essential for thoroughly blending all of your components together into a perfect shade!

Reusable Empty Nail Polish Bottles

To get started on your nail polish creations, you'll need the right tools and equipment. Our reusable empty nail polish bottles are a must-have for storing your custom colors, while mixing balls ensure even distribution of pigments. Stirring sticks are essential for thoroughly blending all components together.

As you experiment with creating new custom nail colors, you may find yourself with empty nail polish bottles that need to be disposed of. But with Pottle's innovative and sustainable system, you can save money and the planet by reusing your empty pottles.

Our innovative pottle system is made up of three reusable pieces: a glass storage container, a quality cap, and a tall top for your polish. It's the eco-friendly way to store and organize your nail polish collection. So why settle for boring nails when you can elevate your manicure game with an infinite range of nail polish shades? Are you tired of using the same old nail colors? Look no further than Pottle's range of nail polish supplies!

Mixing Balls

  • Ensures even distribution of ingredients in the polish
  • Helps prevent separation over time
  • Reusable and easy to sanitize

Mixing balls are essential for achieving a consistent and long-lasting nail polish formula. These small stainless steel balls ensure that all the ingredients are evenly distributed throughout the bottle, preventing any clumping or settling at the bottom. When you shake your nail polish bottle with mixing balls inside, it helps to blend everything together perfectly.

In addition to ensuring an even distribution of ingredients, using mixing balls can help prevent separation over time. Without them, heavier particles may settle at the bottom of your polish causing inconsistency in future applications. But with these tiny helpers inside your bottles, you can trust that each use will be just as high-quality as when you first mixed up your formula.

The best part about mixing balls is their reusability! After each use simply sanitize them properly before tossing them back into another batch of nail polish mixture. Investing in some quality stainless steel mixing balls will keep your nail game strong for years to come!

Stirring Sticks

Reusable stirring sticks are a great option for hassle-free cleanup after making nail polish. These sticks are perfect for repeatative use and can be easily sanitized without any extra effort. Plus, they come with the added benefit of being affordable and readily available.

The long handle on stirring sticks helps prevent getting polish on your fingers while mixing ingredients. This means you can create your own custom shades without worrying about ruining a fresh manicure. And if you prefer an eco-friendly option, glass stirring sticks also do the job just as well! So go ahead, get creative with these nail polish-making supplies and make something beautiful today!

Additional Additives

Looking to take your nail polish-making game up a notch? Try experimenting with some additional additives! Glitter, shimmer, and sparkles can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any nail look. And at Pottle, we offer a range of high-quality glitter additives that will take your nail polish game to the next level! Here's a rundown of some of our most popular glitter options:


Pigments are perfect for adding subtle sparkle to your nail polish. It's a popular choice for creating jelly topcoats or for mixing into pastel shades to add a touch of shimmer. These pigments are available in a wide range of colors, so you can experiment with different shades to find the perfect match for your nail look.

Holographic Glitter

Holographic glitter is a must-have for any glam nail look. This type of glitter reflects light in a way that creates a stunning rainbow effect. It's perfect for creating a futuristic, space-inspired nail look, or for adding a touch of magic to any other nail design.

Diamond Glitter

Diamond Glitter are a unique type of glitter that offer a more striking effect. They're available in a variety of colors, from blue to gold. With these fun and useful options, you're sure to create stunning custom nail polishes that will impress all of your clients (or friends) alike!

How much base and pigment do I need to make nail polish?

The amount of base and pigment needed to make nail polish depends on the size of the polish bottle you want to fill and the desired opacity of the color. As a general rule of thumb, you will need about 2/3 of the bottle to be filled with the base and the remaining 1/3 with pigment.

For example, if you are using a standard 15mL nail polish bottle, you will need 10mL of base and 5mL of pigment. However, if you want a more opaque color, you may need to add more pigment, and if you want a more sheer color, you may need to add less pigment.

It's important to keep in mind that different pigments may have different densities and may require different amounts to achieve the desired color. Additionally, if you plan to add any other additives, such as glitter or shimmer, you will need to adjust the ratio accordingly.

Overall, it's best to start with a small amount of pigment and add more as needed until you achieve the desired color. Remember to mix your ingredients well and test the polish on a nail wheel or swatch before using it on clients to ensure the color is consistent and applies smoothly.

Where can I purchase the supplies for making nail polish?

As a nail tech or DIY beauty enthusiast who wants to make nail polish, it's essential to have all the necessary supplies. Fortunately, these supplies are readily available online and in physical stores.

Firstly, you will need to purchase a base, which is the clear solution that forms the bulk of your nail polish. You can buy a clear nail polish base from various online stores, such as Amazon or eBay. 

Next, you will need to buy pigments that will give your polish its color. You can get these from makeup stores or online shops that specialize in cosmetic pigments. Some popular pigment brands include Pottle or Stardust Micas.

In conclusion, making your own nail polish can be a fun and rewarding experience. With the right supplies like reusable stirring sticks and high-quality additives, you can create custom shades that are unique and beautiful. Plus, you can experiment with different glitter options like pigments, holographic glitter, and diamond glitter to take your nail game to the next level. So why not give it a try and see what amazing nail colors you can come up with?



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