Our patented design comes from the heart

chrome top, nail polish top,

Our tall chrome top was designed reduce carpal tunnel. I've been forcing polish bottleopen with my fingertips for 20 years. Bad habits have taken a toll on my right hand. Our cap allows for a full hand twist for that reason.


rose gold top

 Our midi-cap creates a tight seal to protect your formula. We added a ribbed top for non-slip handling. Pink is power! The thought of mixing chromes felt right, so we did.


glass pot, pottle base, black glass,

Our glass base is made to fit in the palm of your hand for comfort and grip. Durable glass that's easy to clean and reuse. 


glass wand, face massager, skincare tools

Our glass wands do more than mixing. We recently read some wellness crystals or face rollers, were being mined unethically. Use our wands as an applicator for serums/masks or refrigerate for face massages. Let's eliminate excessive mining.