The glitter spill that almost got me fired!

While shooting an Estée Lauder campaign, I was asked to add a bit of sparkle to the nude pink nail polish in while doing pedicure. While tapping the pot of shimmer pigment on the bottle’s edge, shimmer flew into the air and onto model’s feet. This created a problem for the makeup artist, camera dept., and the lighting dept. The glitter was so fine, it took half a pack of wipes to remove the sparkle from her skin. Now the time crunch was even more stressful. Of coarse at that very moment the AD (Asst. Director) showed up to ask ”How long?” as I hanged my head in shame. The makeup artist just stated "We had a set back" as she smiled at me.

Stepped away to mix the polish after cleaning up and thought all was well. I got a call from my agent asking if every was ok. That meant there was a call about me. I’m sure you think this was no big deal but in the industry, but if you “hold up camera” you cost the production money. This was the last straw of a problem I had always had. That's why I created the Pottle—the first easy fill nail bottle. 

pottle founder Nettie Davis






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