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A new makeup concept 

“For the last 16 years, I have worked with women from all over the world to find the most flattering styles, the best nail care, and the most hard-working, perfectly matched, foolproof makeup,” says, inventor, Nettie Davis. “As I traveled the globe with clients, I improvised my own personalized makeup kit. In a quest for the perfect tone and consistency, I would mix nail polish with gel and glitter… . I mixed up colors and funneled them into old bottles which spilled over. And then I thought, ‘There has to be a better way.’ The big idea was born: a portable, versatile container to suit every woman’s needs.”

Why Pottle

  • Renewable Packaging

    Our applicator ready reusable containers are fully sanitizable

  • Sustainability

    Our signature packaging and shipping boxes are fully recyclable

  • Fast Shipping

    We provide quick delivery options with tracking globally

  • 100% Guarantee

    Our #1 priority here at Pottle is your happiness. Reach out anytime.

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