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Ebony & Ivory Set

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Give your manicures a little extra oomph by mixing and matching colors. The Pottle is a refillable gel bottle set that allows you to repackage almost any nail polish product, enabling you to create custom color combinations while saving money and reducing the amount of additional trash created by the bottle or jar it came in.

Holds 20ml.



2 Mixing Pottles

Tall chrome cap
Rose Gold Midicap
Weighted glass base for light sensitive liquids
Two copper mixing marbles
4 inch crystal wand for blending

Current Pottle Blanc should not be used with nail gel

* Patented and proven technology.

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    Refillable Cosmetic Containers, Lightweight Durable Cosmetic Containers Small Size 20ml Plastic/Glass For DIY Cosmetics For Nail Polish Gels
    Ebony & Ivory Set
    Ebony and Ivory Set - Pottle
    Refillable Cosmetic Containers, Lightweight Durable Cosmetic Containers Small Size 20ml Plastic/Glass For DIY Cosmetics For Nail Polish Gels
    Refillable Cosmetic Containers, Lightweight Durable Cosmetic Containers Small Size 20ml Plastic/Glass For DIY Cosmetics For Nail Polish Gels
    Refillable Cosmetic Containers, Lightweight Durable Cosmetic Containers Small Size 20ml Plastic/Glass For DIY Cosmetics For Nail Polish Gels

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Elizabeth Mathis
    Gift for a friend

    My friend really wanted one and she loves mixing custom colors and could only do a small amount of want she wanted to use at a time. I got a set for her and now she just wants more! Guess what she is getting for Christmas?

    Casey Austin

    I love the idea so much! This was great to find after I found one of my gel bottles cracked but the product was fine. I needed a fix and it did this. The bottles are actually a lot bigger than I thought they were. Good to know!

    Lesa Lopez
    Potties new favorite

    I love my pottles

    Jonah Davis
    Love it!

    Such a cool and helpful product! Definitely recommend getting more than one, once I started mixing new colors, I didn't want to stop!

    Pottie review

    Love bottle style and texture. Concept great for saving custom mixes. Brushes are not to my liking. Had to throw away after using once despite proper cleaning technique.

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    Why Pottle

    • Renewable Packaging

      Our applicator ready reusable containers are fully sanitizable

    • Sustainability

      Our signature packaging and shipping boxes are fully recyclable

    • Fast Shipping

      We provide quick delivery options with tracking globally

    • 100% Guarantee

      Our #1 priority here at Pottle is your happiness. Reach out anytime.


    How does Pottle’s innovation help reduce beauty packaging consumption? 

    Pottle's innovative approach to beauty products is revolutionizing the industry. By using sustainable glass materials and minimizing packaging, Pottle is helping to reduce the environmental impact of beauty products. Not only does this help to protect our planet, but it also helps to reduce costs for consumers. Pottle's commitment to sustainability has allowed them to create some of the most eco-friendly beauty products on the market today. With their unique approach, they are helping to make a positive impact on our environment while also providing high-quality products that everyone can enjoy.

    What are the benefits of using Pottles compared to traditional nail bottles?

    Pottles are becoming an increasingly popular choice for businesses looking to make their salons more sustainable and cost-efficient. With Pottle, businesses can save money on materials, reduce their environmental impact, and create a more aesthetically pleasing product. Moreover, Pottles are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to customize the look of a product.

    How can sustainability and fun be combined to make it easier to accomplish goals?

    Achieving sustainable goals can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. With the right strategies and tools, sustainable goals can become enjoyable and rewarding. By creating a plan that includes setting achievable milestones, staying motivated, and recognizing successes along the way, sustainable goals become more achievable and enjoyable. Additionally, having a supportive network of people who share similar goals can help keep you focused on your objectives. With these strategies in mind, making sustainable goals more enjoyable is possible!

    The Pottle allows you to repackage old nail polish, create custom colors, or consolidate your kit. Our new pottle has a slimmer physique to control how much nail polish you dispense so you get the perfect amount every time.

    Here are some great ways to use your pottle.






    What is the shelf life of my gel?

    All beauty products need to be used by a certain period. This is known as the 'period after opening' and can be easily identified by the PAO symbol. The symbol can be recognised as the shape of an opened jar, and will have a number inside; 9M will indicate 9 months, 12M is 12 months, and 36M is 36 months. Once opened the product should be used in this period, as after this time the quality of the product will deteriorate.


    This lamp is a must have. Perfect to take with you and it is a powetful little thing. Love that you can fold it and close it. All in all a super cool lamp.

    Nails by Cammi 

    I’m blown away. Can’t wait to mix & play more. Thx Pottle for the cool new tool.


    The pottles and plasma gel are incredible products to work with. I love them and will definetly will continue to order from pottle!


    This is my 2nd purchase i first purchased the pottle kit and then the plazma pot. They are so handy and the plazma gel is my absolute favorite gel by far


    I can not say enough about how much I love and appreciate the creativity that went into developing these products. I purchased the Pottle, Bougie Luxe Brush, and Bougie Unicorn Brush and I and my clients can't keep our hands off of them.


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