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Pottle Noir XL

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Frustrated with spending on "builder in a bottle" gels instead of just refilling them, or struggling to find your desired color? Pottles offer a solution! Preserve your customized gel color creations economically and portably with this innovative vessel. The Pottle is reusable and easily sanitizable, providing endless use.

*Holds 20ML


Refillable | Interchangable Applicators

Pottle Noir XL - Pottle
Reusable Empty Black Gel Bottle - Pottle
Reusable Empty Gel Bottle - Pottle
Reusable Empty Black Nail Bottle - Pottle
Refillable Gel Bottle Tutorial - Pottle

Versatile Contents

  • Tall Chrome Top

    Ergonomically designed for nail technicians. Our signature tall chrome top is designed to aid full hand twisting and combat carpal tunnel.

  • Midi Cap

    Effortlessly blend and store your personalized builder gels using the chrome cap with a convenient twist-off feature and built-in gasket.

  • Durable Glass Base

    Crafted from sturdy glass, the POTTLE base has a generous capacity of 20ml or more. Its design ensures a comfortable fit in the palm of your hand.

  • Smart Storage

    Swap out your Pottle base and preserve your existing blend. Cache pots are gorgeous glass containers with ample storage. Sold separately.

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  • Extras

    - A crystal wand designed for easy sanitization and reuse, perfect for stirring.

    - Two rose gold mixing marbles

    - Two wide brush applicators

Designed for time and cost efficiency, Pottles help you craft distinctive nail colors and create refillable hard gel systems in seconds.

Reuse and Remix: Simply clean the container and start the process again with different color combinations.

How to Pottle

Choose Your Colors:

Select the nail polish colors or bases you want to mix. Collect your Pottle, desired glitters, and any additional pigment powders.

Mix it Up:

Open the Pottle and carefully drop the chosen nail polish colors into the container. Use the  glass wand to swirl and blend the colors together. Experiment until you achieve your desired shade.

Seal and Store:

Seal the Pottle tightly to keep your custom color fresh. If you've created a unique shade, consider naming it for future reference. Store your Pottle in a cool, dry place.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Geralene Holder
Love It

I can mix or stretch more gel

Paula Robinson

It appears to be a great Idea for mixing products and can be reused. I have not yet mine but I can't wait to mix some colors.



Susanne Segeth

I'm super satisfied, the POTTLE's workmanship is great and the idea of ​​developing such a surface in general - just awesome. The contact and the delivery of the company is easy, fast and very professional. Thank you thank you thank you

Teleisha Elliott
Great products

Haven’t used them but have used other yet but I know they are going to be fun!