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Pottle Fortify Gel | "Are We Clear? Crystal!"

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Say goodbye to brittle, chipped nails with Fortify Base Gel! Our eco-friendly rubber base coat refills are perfect for keeping your nail salon green while providing your clients with strong, healthy nails. Our super flexible formula fortifies natural nails, preventing breakage and chipping. Plus, it completely hides any aesthetic defects on the nail plate for a flawless finish. With easy-to-use test tubes for pouring into Pottles, you can keep your salon running smoothly and efficiently. Give your clients the gift of beautiful, healthy nails with Fortify Base Gel!

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25 ML

Clear Rubber Base Gel | Pottle
Clear Rubber Base Gel
Clear Rubber Base Gel Refill
Clear Rubber Base Gel Refill

Rubber Base Benefits

  • Preserve Your Nail Art

    Rubber base gel strengthens weak nails, adds shine and flexibility, and offers better adhesion to the polish, which guarantees long-lasting nail art and manicures.

  • Protect Your Natural Nails

    Beyond aesthetics, Fortify gel base coats your natural nails, shielding them from issues like discoloration or weakening.

  • Self-Leveling Strength

    Experience beautiful, chip-resistant manicures that retain elegance for over four weeks. Pottle gel spread out and over the nail bed on its own making it easy to build a strong curve and apex.

Designed for time and cost efficiency, Pottles help you craft distinctive nail colors and create refillable gel systems in seconds.

Note: It's essential to always remember that rubber base gel polish should be applied by professional nail technicians.

Custom Gel Manicure Tutorial

Prep Nails / Choose Colors:

Gently push back cuticles back to reveal more of the nail surface. Use a fine-grit file (180 or 200-grit) to lightly rub the nail surface lightly, enhancing adhesion. After buffing, eliminate all traces of dust and debris using a brush, followed by a thorough wipe-down with a nail cleanser. Select the nail polish colors or bases you want to mix or fill. Don't forget your desired glitters and pigment powders.

Mix And Apply Gel:

Fill your Pottle with your chosen gel and pigments and mix. Apply a sparing layer of primer bonder across the nail surface, forming an adhesive foundation. Employ the ‘Flip Finger’ technique pre-curing to allow the gel to level naturally while building the apex.

Seal Nails and Store:

Place the nails under an LED lamp for a 60-second between layers. Apply a layer glossy of top coat, encapsulating your artwork. Don't forget the cap the free edge for a good seal. Close the Pottle tightly to keep your custom gel fresh.

Note: Under-cured applications may compromise durability and hypoallergenic properties.

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What are Rubber Base Gels?

It's specifically used to strengthen weak and brittle nails that flake and split often. The secret to its flexibility? These base gels are enriched with plasticizers, giving them the ability to bend easily without breaking.

It corrects imperfections such as ridges or cracks, creates a protective barrier of defense for your nails, and helps you to create small nail extensions. It also extends the life of the nail polish. Rubber base gel coat is suitable for both natural nails and extensions.

Rubber Base vs Builder Gel

What's the difference between rubber base and builder gel? They may seem similar, but they serve different purposes. Unlike Rubber Base, builder gel has a much firmer consistency, which is ideal for strengthening and extending nails. However, it hardens rather than being flexible like Rubber Base. As a veteran nail tech I can tell you rubber bases are better for coating natural nails. If you want the strength of acrylic while sporting long nails please rely on builder gels.

Is there risk of allergic reactions?

Pottle products face a strict testing to ensure their hypoallergenic. However, individual sensitivities can vary. We advise testing the gel before completing the application. If an adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately and consult your healthcare professional.

How fast can remove rubber base gels be removed?

We nail techs recommend soaking the nails in acetone after lightly removing the top coat. The use of a professional-grade enamel remover or steamer can quicken the process. Forcing or peeling off UV/LED gel polish can severely damage your natural nails.

What gels are best for Russian Manicures?

"Russian manicure" refers to a technique where the cuticle is meticulously cleaned, and the nail plate is prepared using an e-file (electric file). The goal is to achieve a sterile and clean nail surface before application. When it comes to the type of gel used after prep, it varies based on the desired length:

  • Rubber Base: Often used for forified flexibility and adhesive properties.
  • Builder Gel: Provides strength for sculpting or building nail extensions.
  • Gel Polish: Offers color and finish in a gel form.
Why are my gel nails not fully cured and or uneven?

For a smooth finish, gel should be applied in thin layers. Loading the brush with thick polish can hinder proper curing and lead to an uneven surface. Please ensure your 48 Watts Dual UV/LED Nail Lamp functions correctly and at the ideal wavelength (365nm+405nm). Your lamp may also require a bulb replacement. (Note: A sticky surface or the inhibition layer, post-curing, is standard and crucial for adhesion).

Are Pottle images from real Hollywood productions.

Always! If you you have any questions please email us at